Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago our camera got wet on one of our weekend excursions, and it stopped working due to water damage. We tried to get it repaired in our village, but apparently we would have to travel to Accra to get it fixed. We won't be in Accra until we fly out in about a week and a half, so a nice man from our village is loaning us his camera for the remainder of our time here. Here is a conglamoration of pictures for the past couple of weeks:

Building the basketball hoops.

We have a new appreciation for power tools. It took SO LONG to use a (dull) saw and a nail and hammer to build these hoops. But it was a fun process!

The neighborhood kids even helped us with the sawing and hammering.

Our hard work paid off! The kids loved the first hoop we put up. One of the other volunteers brought real basketball hoop rims from America, so we are using them for the other two hoops that we will give to McColin's before we leave.

Teaching the proper shooting form

Ibrahim and some of his basketball buddies. They were practicing their skills during lunch break.

Practicing layups

Molly playing soccer during lunch break. The internet connection here is slow, so the picture didn't load very well.

Adzeo and his friend during break.

Akezah during break

Learning how to roll the wheel down the road with a stick. It's harder than it looks!

Yes, we actually do teach! We have not been able to post many pictures of us teaching, but since we both teach all day, it is difficult for us to take pictures of each other.

One of the teachers, Michael, and his mentee, Evelyn

Teaching P4 (4th grade)

Clifford, a drummer/basketball player

Laudina, a thinker

A HUGE ant hill--there are so many of these here!

Our trip back to Wli Waterfall--we tried to get close to the waterfall, but it is just so powerful!

Pictures don't do it justice. It is so beautiful!

The funeral anniversary procession for Linda's mother

We have many more pictures, but that is all we have time to post for now... More to come!

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